Yes, the survey is finished. The report is published. You knew that, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. And this is your chance to discuss with the author team. Do you have any questions about the report, or some comment you would like to share? A conclusion you disagree with? We are eager to hear from you, and we are prepared to be guided by your questions and suggestions.


One thing we know for certain: the future will be quite different from today – in many ways. The study report contains many predictions. Predictions are always difficult, and in particular when they concern the future. Alan Kay gave us a clue how to deal with this: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This blog is meant to aid exactly that. We want to take issues raised in the report to a deeper level, compare different ways of dealing with it, and explore the connection to other related topics – together with you.


We aim for short and frequent, more focussed posts. Commenting is encouraged. Take, for instance, the topic of “agile organisation.” Questions to discuss include what such an organisations looks like, why being an agile organisation might be desirable, how one can get there, and so on. These questions will be addressed in several posts, but the discussion will determine the path to be taken.


We have established a “topic backlog” containing issues and questions. This will be our joint agenda. Your interaction can change the entries and priorities in the backlog. You can comment, or you can ask to respond to a post, or you can ask to author a post yourself. The backlog can be found here.